How we Announce and Communicate going forward has changed.
 "Touchless" is the Buzzward.

Get Updates to folks even before they reach your facility.
You control What, Where, When and the Range.
And how does FREE sound?

"Reminder, the South Entrance is Closed Till Friday. Use the West Entrance."

"Click Here to see our new Menu, Place your order and click to pay with our Contactless Pay System.
We'll bring it out."

"The East High Cheerleaders are having a Car Wash One block ahead. We'll take care of it while you stay in your car."

"Starting now, Buy One and Get One FREE at the snack bar."
Excellent way to get rid of excess inventory at the end of an event and avoid spoilage.

"Reminder, because of the Holiday, Rent isn't due till Friday the 2nd."

"Hi Bill, welcome back. Here are our latest Deals and Specials."

"Welcome to our New Virtual Hymn Books. Just scroll down and follow along for today's service."

Welcome to Joans Park. Dogs are allowed off Leash from:
Mon - Fri 9:00 am till 7:00 pm.
Sat - Sun  9:00 am till 9:00 pm.

As you see the uses are Unlimited.
It's Always FREE for Non-Profit  and other select organizations.

You get a Free Listing in GooMAPS and your own GeoFence.

Who Qualifies

Educational Organizations, Churches, Cities and many others to include Golf Courses, HOA's and Apartment Complex's are free.

You'll get a system to keep folks in the loop.
Consumers get a system they Will Use.

Even C/NET has an opinion on this.

It's about Keeping Folks Informed

And what better way than directly to the one device they ALWAYS have with them,
Their Smart Phone.

The way folks interact with organizations and businesses has changed. The new Buzz Words are:
Touchless - Instant Speed - GeoTargeting - Automation - AutoPilot - UserControl - OneClick - ClickToPay.

Free GooMAPS Listing

As folks move through the state your Logo will be on the map as they arrive in the area. Even visitors from other states will see you as we are in 5 states now.
And that's just the beginning.

Proximity Marketing

Your Free GeoFence will broadcast what you want to folks close to your location. We give you log-in rights to make the changes you want on your terms.
So why are consumers excited?
Watch This.

This includes several Chambers of Commerce

If you want your Chamber Members getting something not available to the general public, Contact us.


Make your SmartPhone SMARTER!

It can alert you to the Businesses and Deals you choose, the Events from Organizations you follow, and you control WhatWhen and Where.

It's One App you won't be able to live without.

Special thanks to the following organizations who help make this possible.

We ask that you remember them, they had your back when it counted.

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